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Mailing Address:
Gravelator Systems Inc.
P.O. Box 369 Talmo, GA 30575
(706) 693-4119 (Office/Fax)
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Harold Kilgore Owner,Manager,Operator
Duties: Oversees all projects and installations, equipment operator, performs onsite consultations with builders, County Inspectors and/or Homeowners, and prepares job estimates. Ask Harold a question by clicking here.

Cell: (770) 231-5143
Heath Kilgore Project Manager/Operator
Duties: Oversees residential installations, equipment operator. Ask Heath a question by clicking here.

Cell: (678) 943-7997
Sharon Kilgore Office Manager/Secretary
Ask Sharon a question by clicking here.

Cell: (770) 533-1400

P.O. Box 369 Talmo, Georgia 30575     Office & Fax: 706-693-4119     Cell: 770-231-5143 or 770-533-1400