GSI Soils
Soils are the foundation of a septic drainfield. Just like a house, if the foundation fails, everything above it will fail. The soils must have sufficient depth to rock and subsurface water. The soils must also have the proper clay to sand mixture, and strong enough structure to provide a good foundation for the drainfield. Soil testing by a Certified Professional is the first step in ensuring that your septic system will provide good service for years.

Soils services is used as a key compnent in determining the best onsite sewage management system for each individual project. The Soil Scientists apply their knowledge and ability in understanding the complexity of allowing soils to treat and dispurse wastewater to the fullest capacity of use for each project.

GSI provides our clients with access to several State Certified Soil Scientists.

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Evaluating landscaping position on a site Excavating a soil test pit Test pit must be large enough for Soil Scientist to get close observation 4-Test pit pedon (soil interface) Making notes of observations 6-Evaluating test pit conditions 7-Evaluating horizon depths
    Excavating additional pits, determining soil variability on site Evaluating textures & structures Reviewing notes for detail & completeness    

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